Extremely dynamic and constantly evolving, labour represents one of the most challenging areas of our practice. Our lawyers' expertise covers collective bargaining agreements, employer / employee disputes, reorganization and restructuring matters, expats labor regime, as well as consultancy in relation to our clients' day-to-day operations.

Collective bargaining agreements
Clients requesting our services can rely on our in-depth expertise in drafting collective employment contracts in accordance with applicable legislation. We also assist clients during negotiations with the established unions or with employees' representatives.

Employer / Employee disputes
Our attorneys provide assistance and representation in causes related to employees' rights provided by applicable individual and collective employment contracts, reorganizations and dismissals.

Reorganizations and restructuring
We offer legal assistance in preparing and achieving the process of restructuring activities unfolded by clients in accordance with relevant legislation, including individual and collective dismissals.

Expats Labour Regime
We assist clients in preparing the necessary documentation in order to obtain work permits and visas before the competent authorities.

Day-to-day operations
Our services include assistance regarding current aspects of work relations concluded between companies and their employees, acting both for the employers and for top management representatives.