Corporate & Commercial

We offer legal services aiming to support managers and shareholders in strategic business decisions.

We advises clients in matters concerning company formation, restructuring and dissolution, corporate governance, contracts, regulatory and day-to-day operations.

Company formation, restructuring and dissolution
Our experienced attorneys are committed to provide the best legal assistance and consultancy to clients seeking to establish, restructure or dissolve a business entity, advising them upon the most suitable form to conduct their business ventures, corporate formation procedures and investment vehicles in Romania and in other jurisdictions (Cyprus, BVI, UK, Luxembourg, Seychelles, etc.), as well as upon major company changes (increase or decrease of share capital using various legal methods, restructuring, dissolution and liquidation forms). All the above-mentioned services are also meant for non-profit organizations.

Corporate governance
Matters related to corporate governance are extremely important to major companies targeting stock exchange listing, as well as to small businesses aiming to comply with corporate governance matters in a correct and transparent manner. Not only do we help them ensure the proper level of correctness, but our lawyers also provide legal assistance in solving shareholders disputes, in drafting management contracts, codes of conduct, shareholders conventions, and statutory registries.

Our attorneys` current activities include drafting, negotiating and amending all types of commercial contracts: sale-purchase, rent, leasing, distribution, sponsorship, partnership, joint-venture, franchise, loan, credit, mandate, agency, assignment, construction, reparation, maintenance, security, mortgage, any type of collaterals, insurance, advertising, etc.

We also provide our clients the necessary legal support for obtaining authorizations, licenses, approvals, and, if and when necessary, legal representation before public authorities.

Day-to-day operations
Moreover, we offer permanent assistance in corporate and commercial projects (contracts revisions, legal opinions concerning companies' current issues) helping clients successfully complete their everyday operations.